8 things about investing in your lucky car plate number

Creating Value via Auction

8 things about investing in your lucky car plate number

September 19, 2018 Plate Number 0

#1 – Rarest are the most expensive. E.g. “Malaysia 1” was sold to the bidder who paid RM1,111,111 for it. (That’s over one million ringgit!). The reason? It’s the RAREST. This is not a recurring plate unlike the plates for the state where WWW 1 will be followed by WWX 1 and then WWY 1 etc.

#2 – Second rarest would be plate numbers from each of the different states in Malaysia. This will usually be cheaper. For example, a running series like VD 1 (Wilayah Persekutuan plates) is available for RM428,300 online.  ALA 1 is meanwhile being offered for sale online for RM298,300.

#3 – Sometimes, it may be a little cheeky. For example, Penang plate number of PEP 15 can also be read as ‘PEPSI,’ or PEN 15 which is well, a body part. Recently, we had AKU 8055 (I am boss) which was won by a bidder with RM74,000.

#4 – Lucky numbers are attractive to many. A good friend once drove all the way to Alor Setar from Kuala Lumpur to buy a “Kxx179” which stands for his name initials and his birth date which is 17th September. He said that he has been experiencing good luck since then. (No guarantees yeah!)

#5 – We can change cars every few years and we will usually pay a few hundred ringgit to ensure we do not get a ‘BAD OMEN’ number. Well, now it’s possible to buy and keep that SAME Favourite number with us regardless of how many times we change our cars. Refer to #6 below.

#6 – Your lucky number and my lucky number are NOT the same. This is why we can both still buy our own favourite numbers without having to bid until the ceiling falls down for the same number. 179 can be 17 September and 509 can be May 9th. (Very significant date for Malaysia)

#7 – For state numbers, we can choose to tender for the favourite number in JPJ. Or we can bid for our favourite number in an upcoming auction by TEN Auctioneers Sdn Bhd. (More details will be coming soon. Just tell us your favourite 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and you may get those numbers at 20 percent below the usual price (reserve price) and it’s under the RAREST category; not the state number plates)  write in to:  hadwinwong@tenauctioneers.com or Whatsapp 012 257 9431.

#8 – It’s CHEAPer, actually.  We can pay a few hundred ringgit or we may get a ‘not -so-nice’number when we change our cars OR we can choose to buy our favourite number and keep it every time we change cars. It’s value for money because the transfer fee is low.

We usually see properties for public auctions. Special Plate Number Public Auction by TEN Auctioneers for the very first time for the RAREST plate numbers will be held next month (October 2018). We can safely say that the reserve price will start at 20 percent below the usual standard prices. This may be a good chance to own your own lucky number. Whatsapp 012 257 9431 your favourite number.  Happy winning your lucky number.


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